About the movie

Diana is a biographical drama movie released in 2013. The main plot of the movie revolves around the last two years of the life of Princess Diana, one of the most loved royal figures of all times.
In Diana, viewers get the chance to look into the personal and professional events that were happening in her life just before her death. Apart from that, another gentler, more-human side of her is shown – a side that was often not given enough justice by the press during her life. The movie follows her two major love relationships after her marriage with Charles had fallen apart, relationships that sparked up quite the controversy at the time.
There was a fair effort to give the audience a closer look at the royal life she had lived; all of the costume choices for the leading actress as well as the set design give off a sensation of royalty and wealth. After all, even though she didn’t want to be defined only by her royal status, she was a princess.
The screenplay of the movie is based on Kate Snell’s book, Diana: Her Last Love, a book about the life of the princess published in 2001. However, the movie also gives insight into the other side of the coin many often forget about when it comes to royalty – the burden of being a celebrity and a princess, something that at the end, cost Diana her life.