About the director

The movie Diana has been directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel, a German movie director.
Born in Hamburg, Germany in 1957, he dropped out of school and spent his teen years of his life working as a cook on a boat. Even though that may seem like an unusual career choice for a movie director, he, later on, went to study painting and graphic arts at the Hamburg University of Fine Arts. Actually, that’s the place where he first started getting to experiment with video and photography.
The first movie he ever directed was the TV-movie Das Go! Projekt in 1986 – he even wrote the script for the movie himself. Later on, a rather successful career followed, with him being in charge of directing episodes of Tatort and Kommissar Rex, popular German crime shows. The first movie he ever shot for the big screen was Das Experiment.
However, he rose to popularity with the movie Der Untergang, which was released in English speaking countries under the name Downfall. The movie is about the last twelve days of the life of Adolf Hitler and is narrated by his secretary. The Downfall has received numerous awards at movie festivals around the world and even received an Academy Award nomination for Best Foreign Movie.
The Downfall has been seen by many as a controversial movie because it shows Hitler and the rest of the Nazis from a rather unusual angle – as regular human beings. Seems like Hirschbiegel does a decent job at showing the other side of the coin when it comes to popular historical figures, so it shouldn’t come as surprising he got to direct the Diana movie.